Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask, x 4


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Imagine a revolutionary mask that could make all of your magic skin wishes come true…Charlotte Tilbury’s new Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask has a clinically proven 5 skin solution IQ that reduces wrinkles, smooths, brightens, lifts and hydrates exactly where YOUR skin uniquely needs it most; for dramatic celebrity facial results NOW and in the future!

Why is this mask the technology of the future?

It has a Bio-Mimetic Vector Delivery System that allows for a prolonged release of actives and powers them into the epidermis. It is a dry textile mask imprinted with active ingredients; most sheets masks are water and glycerin that you slop onto your face and over-saturate. The burst release effects of this mask last for up to 8 hours.

The technology has an in-built 5 Skin Solution IQ which allows it to feed the skin exactly what it needs. The skin-mimicking ingredients fill the intercellular gaps to reconstruct the skin. It has the higher dosage of active ingredients and the most potent delivery system.

“Your skin looks healthy, glowing, refreshed. Makeup goes on like magic. There is no glow like it!” Charlotte Tilbury.

What are the genius ingredients?


  • Vitamin B3 brightens tone and revives the skin’s glow.
  • The Plant Stem Cell Matrix lifts the skin, and helps to decrease wrinkles.
  • Crocus Bulb Extract redensifies the skin. It supports reconstruction, and encourages collagen/elastin production.
  • Peptides work together to reduce wrinkles.
  • Magic oils & butters help strengthen the Lipidic barrier for a natural, nourished glow!


The Ergomonics:


  • Easy-Fit Ear Loops – The mask has specially designed ear loops that slip over the ears and fasten, so you can multi-task whilst the magic happens!
  • 3 ueses – The mask can be re-used up to 3 times!


“Just like my signature pot of Magic, this mask is an instant turnaround for the skin that keeps nourishing, boosting, hydrating and brightening the skin every day. I knew I needed to create a mask that was like an expert facialist in your handbag.” Charlotte Tilbury.

x 4 Sheets


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